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There are ten Eco-Schools Topics.

It is important to remember that you do not have to tackle all ten of these topics in one go. Use the results of your Environmental Review to set realistic targets and concentrate on areas that are most relevant to your school. Children on the Eco-Committee then place these targets into an Action Plan, including details relating to the monitoring and evaluation of the targets, who is responsible for each action and timescales. Please remember, your action plan is a working document so if targets are not met in the intended timescales, then revise this document and include information on how and when the targets will be met.

In order to achieve the Green Flag, schools must study at least three topics - one major and two minor and evidence of this must be demonstrated in the application form and during the assessment. This section of the website provides information on the topics supported with the links to relevant case studies and resources to assist curriculum delivery and measurement of progress on topics. Importantly, it also provides links to over 40 Eco-Schools NI Delivery Partners with their contact details. These organisations, including councils, Non-Governmental Organisations and government bodies, offer direct practical support and advice, often school site-based, on various topics.

Many of the topics overlap or are closely related. For example, Litter is closely related to Waste, and Transport can be related to Healthy Living. You may often find that by making progress in one area, you are taking steps to improve your performance in another.

Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful is keen to develop the content of this area of the website and we welcome input from users of this site. If you have any content you wish to share on a particular topic, perhaps which we can add as a case study, or any other comments you want to make, please email eco-schools@keepnorthernirelandbeautiful.org.