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Posted on Thu 30 Nov 2017

Cash for Clobber Competition

How would you like to win up to £1,500 for your school by simply recycling all types of clothing and shoes (pairs only please), household textiles and handbags (we cannot accept duvets or pillows)?

Get collecting now! – the rules couldn’t be simpler:

The school that collects the most clobber per pupil wins a magnificent cash prize. And that’s in addition to what we pay for what we weigh – 40 pence per kilo. To qualify for the competition you must participate in a Bag Collection, (even if you have an existing textile bank).

The Competition runs from September 1 2017 until June 30, 2018.

Prizes are available in 3 different bands depending on the size of your school:

Band 1 = up to 100 pupils - £500
Band 2 = 101-250 pupils - £1,000
Band 3 = more than 250 pupils - £1,500

The scheme is aimed at raising awareness of textile recycling among children and to show how essential it is for everyone in the ‘developed world’ to reduce, reuse and recycle. Most of the waste textiles produced in the UK and Ireland end up in landfill sites. Every year, 1 million tonnes of clothes that could be reused are buried in these landfill sites. This is bad for the environment as we are running out of space to dispose of this rubbish and the landfills that already exist are giving off harmful gases which contribute to global warming.

Synthetic (man-made) products do not break down and decompose in landfill. Woollen garments (natural) do decompose but give off harmful gases and 80% of all clothes thrown away in the UK and Ireland can be reused.

To qualify for these spectacular cash prizes, participating schools must take part in a ‘bag drop’ collection. However, if you have a Cash for Clobber textile bank in your school grounds, all textiles collected from your bank will contribute towards your competition total.

The Cash For Clobber Team 

Posted on Thu 23 Nov 2017

Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE)

Do you have budding reporters in your school - passionate young people who want to make their views on the environment heard?

Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) is the project for you!!

This year we are inviting schools across Northern Ireland to create a written, photographic or video article investigating the issue of Food Waste.
There are great prizes available for winning entries and seed funding to help you with a community day to spread your message. Eco-Schools will also be hosting workshops and an award event for the project in January and March.

Community Day Funding - £185 limited to 20 schools
Social Media Campaign prizes - £200 in each council area
YRE prizes - £250 first place, £150 second place, £75 third place -
in each of the three YRE categories.

Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) is a network of passionate young people educating for sustainable development by producing, engaging, creative, environmental journalism. Coordinated by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), YRE is in more than 30 countries worldwide and growing!

Young people aged 11-21 may enter the competition in 3 categories:
1. Written Articles
2. Photographic
3. Video

Closing date for articles to the national jury is 9th March 2018.

Please read the instructions below.

YRE have produced a fantastic Handbook for Schools follow these links:

Part 1 - What is YRE? (4MB)

Part 2 - Student Handbook I (14MB)

Part 2 - Student Handbook II (8MB)

Part 3 - Teacher's Handbook (1MB)

Part 4 - International Competition Regulations (300 KB)

Part 5 - Website and Social Media (150 KB)

Contact ruth.vanry@keepnorthernirelandbeautiful.org to register.

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YRE Instructions 2018
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YRE entry form 2018